Smart Water Theft Prevention

Bristol Roof Company offering SmartWater Lead Theft Deterrent services across Bristol, South West.

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Why use Smart Water?

Some 25,000 churches and other heritage buildings are currently using SmartWater to protect lead and other metals from thieves.
Bristol Roof Company are Approved installers of SmartWater Lead Theft Deterrent.Unlike DNA-based property markers, which fade in sunlight, SmartWater is made of robust metal-based inert chemicals. The forensic code within SmartWater can withstand direct, long-term exposure to sunlight, UV and bleaching, making it the perfect tool for outdoor use.

SmartWater is partnering with the scrap metal dealers and recyclers, who are equipping themselves with UV lights to scan for traces of SmartWater. SmartWater personnel are also attending Police-led ‘stop and search’ raids at scrap yards to proactively search for SmartWater marked metals. This activity is having a major impact on criminals by making it increasingly difficult for them to sell on stolen goods and heightening their fear of arrest. So when thieves see the SmartWater deterrent signage outside your Church, they will stay away.

An independent evaluation of SmartWater led by Martin Gill, a Professor of Criminology at the University of Leicester, identified SmartWater as being more effective in deterring experienced criminals than security guards, burglar alarms, property marking and CCTV. The impact of SmartWater as a criminal deterrent even topped high-visibility police patrols.
In the study of over 100 experienced criminals, SmartWater came top, with a mean average of 8.3 out of 10, scoring considerably higher than security guards (4.9), burglary alarms (6.0), CCTV (6.2) and access control systems (6.9).

The report found that out of more than 100 offenders interviewed:


  • 91% were aware of SmartWater and its abilities to forensically link criminals to a crime scene and property with its owner
  • 74% said they would abandon their plans to break into a building if a SmartWater warning label was on display
  • 70% stated that if stained by SmartWater Index spray they perceive it would be “very difficult” to remove

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At Bristol Roof Company we employ specialist roofers with extensive experience in Smart Water Theft Prevention.

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