Leak Detection

Water Roof Leak Detection Services by Bristol Roof Company

Roof leaks can be caused by numerous and varied defects. A roof leak can result in damage to finishes within a building and also lead to premature deterioration of the building fabric. Persistent roof leaks can lead to areas within a building becoming unusable.

A leaking roof, if left unchecked, can therefore lead to expensive and disruptive consequences for a building owner or manager.

Typically the cause of roof leaks will not be straightforward to identify. Bristol Roof Company will need to carry out a detailed Roof Leak Investigation on the leaking roof.

Tracing a roof leak, or roof leaks, involves carrying out methodic Leak Detection Investigations. These will systematically eliminate the possible causes of a roof leak until the source is identified.

Bristol Roof Company provides a comprehensive range of Leak Detection services including the following:



  • Earth Leakage Leak Detection to accurately locate penetrations through waterproof coverings that are causing roof leaks
  • Thermal Imaging of a leaking roof to identify areas of trapped moisture or defective insulation that may be due to roof leaks
  • Moisture Scanning Leak Detection to locate areas of damp insulation or moisture paths attributable to roof leaks
  • Dye Testing of drains or selected details that may be contributing to a roof leak, or confirm the integrity of elements on a leaking roof
  • Visual Inspection to locate suspect elements that may be causing a roof leak
  • Hose and Flood Testing to confirm the integrity of suspect elements and trace roof leaks
  • Earth Leakage Testing to accurately locate full thickness penetrations through waterproof coverings


Bristol Roof Company employs the most suitable technique or combination of techniques to solve water ingress problems and confirm the source of a roof leak.

Typically, once the roof leak has been identified, a leaking roof can be repaired.

Bristol Roof Company provides detailed interpretative reports that indicate the source(s) of the roof leak, or roof leaks, the potential remedial solutions and budget costs if required.

Bristol Roof Company can also arrange and supervise the remedial works required to address the roof leaks.